• JUNE 2017


    Mara Lee Gilbert  What's Left


    A young woman in prison for manslaughter is involved in a pen-pal relationship with a young man, who's fiancee has been killed. Both are in search of peace and redemption but must face their pasts, together, for better or worse.

    Filmmaker Bio

    "Art is the flaw captured beautifully

    that we may have compassion for our ugliest ugly."


    Mara is an award-winning and published actress/writer/producer living in New York City.  She writes for stage and screen. Her work has most recently been showcased in in both New York and Los Angeles in notable festivals. She has a Master's Degree in Forensic Psychology and has worked for the past 11 years counseling NYC's most difficult populations. She taught drama inside a women's prison and ran the first ever drama therapy group inside the notorious Kirby Forensic Psychiatric Center for the criminally insane. She pulls from these experiences often in her writing. She is moved to examine the spiritual nature of all human experiences, including the darkest, under a lens of compassion.


    "What's Left was especially inspired by my two summers teaching a drama workshop with one of my professors inside Bayview Correctional Facility, a women's prison, in Manhattan. I wanted to look at how the past can muddle our decisions in the present, especially if we are trying to change course in life. And how, even in the most dire of circumstances, and through the most horrific forms of behavior, we strive to connect with each other. There is almost always something poignant and hopeful in the stories of offenders, whether or not it is realized. The hope of always reaching for what else is possible." -Mara Lee Gilbert

    What's next

    Developing a dramatic television series examining the micro and macrocosmic nature of

    institutionalization, set inside a Forensic Psychiatric Center, based on some of my real experiences.


    Working towards an Off-Broadway production of my play, Passage, which took 2nd place in the 2015 New York New Works Theatre Festival. It is now a full-length play and just had it's west coast premiere in Los Angeles with the Acting Out Ink Fest, a celebration of female playwrights.



    Synopsis: A man about to die views death (and life) very differently, after an encounter with the woman hired to euthanize him, on the night he plans to die.


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  • JULY 2017


    Marina Bruno  Cotton String



    “Cotton String” is a feature film about two lower class, middle-aged men who decide to invest half their life savings in an idea that’s in the works by a drug  dealer. The story follows a series of different events that each result in tragedy due to chaos and confusion. The entire film takes place in one day.  The director’s father & mentor, Carlo Bruno - an Argentinian native actor and filmmaker - stars as Lucas, the leading role in the film.

    Filmmaker Bio

    Mostly known for her short film work, including Short Circuit (2013), Civil War (2012), Waste of a Fall (2014) & See How Easy That Was? (2015), Marina began her filmmaking career at a young age. She was first introduced to filmmaking at age 10 when she co-starred in her father, Carlo Bruno's independent feature film In April (2016). Following in her father's footsteps, the young filmmaker decided to make her first official short film at 16. She then founded her production company Wondering Pictures and in the next years created several new short film works. At 19, Marina wrote, directed, produced and edited her first feature film Cotton String (2015), making her one of the youngest ever established filmmakers in cinema history. She continues to create new works, all of which are showcased on her YouTube channel and in several film festivals across the globe.

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  • AUG/SEPT 2017


    Lovell Holder Some Freaks


    Originally from Charlotte, NC, Lovell Holder graduated summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa from Princeton University before going on to receive his MFA from Brown University/Trinity Repertory Company. Shortly after moving to Los Angeles, he began producing the critically acclaimed feature film SOME FREAKS (written and directed by Ian MacAllister-McDonald), which stars Thomas Mann, Lily Mae Harrington, and Tony Award nominee Marin Ireland. Winner of a dozen film festival awards, SOME FREAKS will be released by Good Deed Entertainment on August 4, 2017. Lovell’s feature directorial debut, LOSERVILLE, a high school dramedy (whose ensemble includes Matt McGorry, Darby Stanchfield, Natalie Hall, and Jonathan Lipnicki, as well as newcomers Chris Bellant and Sarah Jes Austell), is available on Amazon and iTunes, and Lovell also recently produced Olivia Hamilton’s short film SURROGATE alongside Oscar winner Damien Chazelle.



    The film follows one-eyed high school senior Matt (Thomas Mann) who meets plus size Jill (Lily Mae Harrington) and falls more in love than he ever thought possible. However, when graduation comes and Jill moves cross-country to go to college, she undergoes a major physical transformation - much to Matt's surprise when he arrives to visit her. While Matt struggles to accept Jill's new look, Jill begins to question whether Matt is really the man she thought she knew. As the distance widens between them, the characters are forced to confront who they are, who they were, and who everyone thinks they're supposed to be.